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About ProtectCyber® Services

Our portfolio of managed services coupled with deeply integrated security technology ecosystems, allows our managed SaaS to leverage thousands of certified security experts helping secure your assets and maximising value throughout your security journey.In addition to our portfolio of security solutions, today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. ProtectCyber® Services offer the industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise to secure a business’s information assets 24x7x365.

The ProtectCyber® Portfolio

Security solutions services offered include:

Incident and Event Management Services: What enterprises need today is a SIEM that can scale to support the massive data volumes from a variety of IT systems and applications, analyse this data at machine speed and detect advanced threats in real-time. While doing so, IT security organizations should not have to be worried about the exponentially increasing cost associated with growing data volumes. To manage the current threats and prepare effectively for the future threats, a new approach is required. There are seven key capabilities that a new threat management platform needs to support to cope with the new threat landscape.

  • Open, Big-Data Storage Model – There is a need to not only collect this data but also share it between different organisations within an enterprise.
  • Real-Time Behaviour Analytics – Real-time behaviour analytics uses a combination of unsupervised, supervised, and statistical algorithms that are custom developed for cyber security to find the highly advanced threats today.
  • Add and Maintain Context – Alerts enriched to provide broader context for more rapid accurate response.
  • Packaged Content for Cyber security – Pre-packaged with the solution, but also dynamic to adjust to the realities of today’s cyber threats. Security analytics content classified by the use case and type of threat.
  • Predictable Cost, Low TCO – Security analysis solutions operate better with larger and larger amounts of data, and therefore their pricing must not penalise the customer for data volume or retention. Instead, GASystems takes the unpredictability out of the equation by providing a pricing model that is based on some other metric that is better aligned with the business.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Our SOAR platform expedites the entire incident response management process, from initial event notification to remediation and closure. It automatically gathers key information, builds decision cases, and executes critical actions to prevent and/or remediate threats based on logical incident response processes. Extensive out-of-the-box integrations and an API-first architecture enables software defined security (SDS) to operate with any organisation’s existing security infrastructure. We deliver security automation and orchestration that maximises the capabilities of an organisation’s security infrastructure and staff. Intuitive, highly-customisable dashboards provide real-time enterprise visibility into threats and security processes.

For the CISO

Our SOAR provides valuable operational KPIs to security executives, delivering critical insights into how people, processes and technologies are performing. With security orchestration, automation and response, teams have comprehensive and deep visibility into the efficacy, capacity, and value of the organization’s security operations investment.

For the Security Manager

Our SOAR provides detailed data to SOC managers so they can better understand how their teams are performing and where they can improve. Our security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform delivers dynamic and adaptable case management with extensive reporting and visualization so managers and directors can continuously monitor, track and report on specific SOC activities and overall effectiveness.

For the Security Analyst

Our SOAR enables analysts to remediate security alerts faster by integrating security tools and automating time-consuming manual tasks and incident response workflows. This accelerates response times and lets analysts focus on the high-value security activities to make better use of their expertise. Security analysts now can get back to doing what they truly enjoy—finding ways to proactively hunt and protect their organizations.

For the Security Engineer

GA Systems SOAR simplifies the process for security engineers to integrate their company’s entire arsenal of security tools and related infrastructure. It is designed so they can rapidly build use case-oriented applications and powerful incident response workflows by delivering administrative functions with end user usability. An API-centric architecture, built with ease of use and flexibility in mind, allows engineers to rapidly adapt Swimlane to meet their unique requirements with minimal effort, rather than requiring them to change their processes to fit platform restrictions.

Vulnerability Management Services

Today’s vulnerability management processes typically involve different teams, using multiple point solutions, all which significantly adds complexity and time to the critical patching process. Traditional endpoint solutions do not interface well with each other, creating integration headaches, false positives, and delays. Ultimately, devices are left unidentified, critical assets are misclassified, vulnerabilities are poorly prioritized, and patches do not get fully applied.

The Vulnerability Cloud Platform, combined with its powerful lightweight Cloud Agents, Virtual Scanners, and Network Analysis (passive scanning) capabilities bring together all four key elements of an effective vulnerability management program into a single app unified by powerful out-of-the-box orchestration workflows.

The Vulnerability lifecycle enables you to discover, assess, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time and across your global hybrid-IT landscape all in one solution.

  • Identify all known and unknown assets on your global hybrid-IT – Knowing what is active in a global hybrid-IT environment is fundamental to security. Automatically detect all known and unknown IT assets everywhere for a complete, categorized inventory enriched with details such as vendor lifecycle information and much more.
  • Analyse vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with six sigma accuracy – Automatically detect vulnerabilities and critical misconfigurations per CIS benchmarks, by asset.
  • Quickly focus on what is most urgent Using advanced correlation and machine learning, automatically prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities on the most critical assets, reducing thousands of vulnerabilities to the few hundred that matter.
  • Inoculate your assets from the most critical threats With the push of a button, deploy the most relevant, superseding patch to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and threats across any size environment.

Add on the:

  • Patch Management: Saves you time and effort by automating patch management on Windows assets, for both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft patches, using a single patch management application. It provides instant visibility on patches available for your assets and tells you whether these patches are already installed. You can automatically deploy new patches as and when they are available. With a complete solution suiteGA Systems offers a complete vulnerability management lifecycle stack that also includes inventorying of assets, vulnerability management, and remediation prioritisation.
  • Email and Web Security: Proactively detects and eliminates threats outside of the network, significantly reducing the risk of attacks. The services monitor and filter email and web traffic in near real-time to help prevent malicious content from entering the network.
  • Phishing Prevention and Defence Services: The service provides comprehensive email phishing simulation designed to change behaviour and enable employees to recognise and report phishing emails. This immersive service incorporates real-world simulations for hands-on experience with safe examples combined with on-the-spot education. Your inhouse IT resources stretched?

Add on the:

  • ProtectCyber® Endpoint Recovery Subscription Services delivering the right combination of technology, intelligence, and expertise to assist you with the detection, analysis and remediation of known security incidents and enable rapid recovery with zero business interruption. Our solutions can be deployed within hours of a breach, gettingyou back to business faster and with the confidence of knowing your attackers will not reappear.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS): Intrusion detection and prevention system management is designed to provide robust, real-time security monitoring, management and analysis of networks and servers. A simplified, flat-pricing model helps reduce risk and management complexity at a reduced cost over a traditional solution. Our multistep, vendor-neutral approach helps you improve your security posture.
  • ProtectCyber® Triage Service: With millions of phishing emails sent daily, it is no surprise there are new and increasingly damaging attacks regularly making headlines. For a typical organisation, it can take between 10 to 45 minutes to manually triage just one of these suspected emails. Our Security Operations analysts provides the investigation and quarantine of such emails to reduce mean time to resolution, consistently execute incident response, and reducing human error. Using credible human-verified phishing intelligence, not only can our security analysts quickly determine what is a threat, but also have access to contextual reports to understand why an indicator is a threat along with the linkage between the attacker’s infrastructures.
  • Managed Firewall: Firewall management from ProtectCyber® features a flat-pricing model and vendor-neutral approach that can reduce costs and risk while helping you better manage regulatory compliance and meet the demands of a highly instrumented world. Providing real time access to: ProtectCyber® global threat analysis services.
    • Latest service data and expertise through the Security Operations Centre.
    • Customisable reporting by device, group or site for better threat management and compliance.
    • Access prevention of unauthorised users for better management of network availability.
    • Firewall log monitoring, management, and analysis on a near-continuous basis.
    • Access prevention of unauthorised users for better management of network availability.
  • Managed Endpoint: Providing a multi-vector approach to Endpoint Detection and Response, providing prevention, detection, and response across the entire attack lifecycle. Needing only one agent to perform critical security functions and respond to and remediate incidents in real time – all from a single, integrated cloud app.Our solutions supersede traditional endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions that focus only on endpoint activity to detect attacks. Going beyond traditional EDR solutions by providing prevention, detection, and response across the entire attack lifecycle all from a single, integrated cloud app.