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Complete Data Protection Against All Types of Ransomware Attacks

Reverts Operating System Files and Settings Back to a Known Good State

Shields Critical Data on Servers to Prevent Corruption or Damage


NeuShield’s One-Click Restore capabilities make it easy to undo the damage of a ransomware attack, allowing you to quickly regain access to your computer, files, and data where traditional security and storage methods fail.

  • Recovers data files with a single click
  • Uses Mirror Shielding™ technology to prevent changes to important files
  • Leverages Data Engrams™ which allow you to view and rollback to previous versions of a file

NeuShield is able to revert the system back in time, removing faulty patches, unstable device drivers or undesired system settings.

  • Returns system to a previous state
  • Removes applications, patches or drivers that were installed
  • Restores system registry keys

With NeuShield you have the ability to protect and recover files on your server’s network share.

  • Recovers files from a network share that were accidentally (or maliciously) deleted or corrupted
  • Rolls back data to a known good state to recover from ransomware or other attacks
  • Keeps multiple revisions of files allowing you to revert to previous file versions
  • Prevents malicious programs from taking over the boot process
  • Stops wiper malware from erasing all data on the hard drive

NeuShield’s patented Mirror Shielding™ technology doesn’t require a backup procedure, so there is virtually no impact on server performance when running or downtime during recovery.

  • No overhead (IOPS) when reading protected files
  • Remarkably little overhead when writing to protected files (i.e. almost imperceptible even with expensive disk testing utilities)
  • High performance data engine that can make decisions about critical files in significantly less than 1ms with virtually no CPU overhead
  • Tiny memory footprint (typically uses less than 10MBs of RAM)