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Penetration Testing, Security Testing and Assurance

GA Systems provides a range cyber security testing options to satisfy all the requirements of the modern enterprise. GA Systems applies exhaustive standards to its team members with certifications such as OSCP, OSCE and OSW being mandatory entry levels. Our analysts are highly qualified to Offensive Security standards, the certifications being rated as the highest level of security testing in the world. GA Systems service was created to address a problem in the industry related to the lack of consistency and coverage of advanced threats facing organisations. GA Systems specialists are at the top of their game in this ever changing, challenging field specialises in penetration testing, ethical hacking, team exercises, and digital forensics.

The team’s extensive experience performing security assessments and penetration testing of systems of all shapes and sizes from petrol pumps to pin-pads to complex web applications that support some of the largest organisations. This depth of experience means the team understand the pain-points in security and tailor their approach for each unique environment they assess.

Our mission to constantly stay on top of current threats and vulnerabilities has helped distinguish our testing from our competitors. On numerous occasions, organisations will try to commoditise security testing through performing automated testing with little benefit to the customer. Our methodology only begins with automated testing. Thereafter, our extensive experience allows us to manually uncover high-risk vulnerabilities which are often missed by conventional testing methodologies.

The minimum qualification for our team is often the senior equivalent of our competitors. New team members are trained extensively for 6 months and shadowed to evaluate their confidence in each of them and alignment on core values. When assigned to projects, our resources ensure that they follow-through and they are the team who delivers on testing. We do not pull senior resources off a project to reduce cost.

Services include:

Penetration Testing

  • Web Applications, Web Sites, Cloud
  • Networks – External and Internal Testing
  • OSINT Testing
  • Physical Security Testing.
  • Red, Blue and Purple Team Testing
  • Enterprise Breach Assessment and Remediation

Application Security Testing

  • Source code and DevSecOps Testing
  • Application integration to SIEM systems

Vulnerability Testing

  • Network, Infrastructure and Cloud
    (The depth of testing layers is nominated by the customer and varies on risk rating.)

All services can be on a project basis or are available as a fully managed service.

Testing and Assurance

The Verizon Databreach Report found that attackers are able to
compromise an organisation within minutes 82% of the time. Is your organisation in danger of becoming another statistic?

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Of confirmed web app breaches were financially motivated.


Of breaches last year involved attacks on web applications


Of breaches happened within minutes.


Of breaches involved weak default or stolen credentials.

Application Testing

Advanced penetration testing designed to evaluate the effectiveness of web and mobile application security.

Penetration Testing

Simulated cyer attacks the provide a hacker’s perspective of the security of your network and information systems.

Object-based Penetration Testing

Find the weakest link in your security to ensure your most sensitive information remains protected.

Managed Security QA

Integrate security early within your development lifecycle to find vulnerabilities before production.