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Education and Awareness

Our customers have made the investment in our ability to protect, detect, react and respond to the barrage of cyber threats they are facing today. Education is the key to your investment.

Through our workshops

We will facilitate an increased understanding, operational effectiveness and full awareness of what our services can do for you.

Empower your employees to be your last line of defence. Reduce susceptible behaviour by 95%. Best-in-class content is consistently evolving to stay ahead of the latest phishing trends. A successful spear phishing awareness campaign will expose your users to a variety of phishing scenarios. Educate your users on how to identify phishing warning signs with insightful, digestible educational material.

Talk to an Expert

With training and assessments to assist the customer in preparing for, managing, and responding to computer security incidents, including steps for analysis, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery and prevention.

90% due to human error

Over 90% of successful breaches are due to human error. All it takes is a click of one link. Resources to help you remotely or onsite.

$20 billion in damages

Ransomware damage to companies are predicted to reach $20 billion by 2021.

91% begin with phishing

Phishing attacks are the number one attack vector leading to a breach

From attack simulation response training to strategic threat assessments, this service helps our customers prepare for emergency response:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Assessment
  • Cyber Crisis Management Program Assessment
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Standard Cyber Range Exercises
  • Strategic Threat Assessment
  • Security Incident First Responder Training
  • Incident Response Playbook Customization
  • Active Threat Assessment (endpoint count dependent)
  • Incident Response Plan Development – High Level/Full