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Data Protection Innovations: An In-Depth Look at NeuShield’s Solutions

By: ProtectCyber

Posted on: 29/08/2023

In today’s digital landscape, where data breaches and cyber threats are rampant, ensuring robust data protection has become a paramount concern for individuals and organisations alike. It’s not enough that you detect and block malicious ransomware. You should be able to get back your data instantly and eliminate the disastrous effects caused by a data breach.

NeuShield, a leading provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, has emerged as a game-changer in the field of data protection. It’s an anti-ransomware solution that recovers encrypted data from any threat within moments of an attack. Its patented technology is the first of its kind and has proven to reinstate access to any encrypted file quickly.

Real-Time Data Protection

NeuShield’s data protection solutions incorporate real-time data protection as a fundamental component. Unlike traditional backup solutions that periodically create copies of data, NeuShield’s technology ensures that data is continuously protected as it is created or modified.

NeuShield’s One-Click Restore feature takes regular snapshots of a computer’s operating system so that users can quickly and easily go back to one of these snapshots. The complexity of today’s malware makes it difficult for a single solution to prevent an attack completely.

One-Click Restore lets you confidently and securely remove any type of malware. By intercepting write operations at the operating system level, NeuShield’s solutions safeguard data in real time, mitigating the risk of data loss and corruption.

Ransomware Recovery

One of the most significant challenges organizations face today is the ever-evolving threat of ransomware attacks. Targeted and zero-day attacks make it hard for technology to develop to block these threats rapidly.

NeuShield’s solutions address this issue with an innovative approach to ransomware recovery. By using Mirror Shielding™, NeuShield creates a barrier of virtual mirrors to protect critical data files. If someone tries to modify the file, only an overlay is affected, keeping the original file intact.

In the event of a ransomware attack, an attacker only modifies these virtual mirrors. Deleting them will restore the original unencrypted files, effectively thwarting the ransomware’s malicious intent. This also allows for speedy recovery of the original files.

File-Level Continuous Backup

NeuShield’s file-level continuous backup feature provides an additional layer of data protection. Unlike traditional backup solutions that often operate on a per-file basis, NeuShield’s solution operates at the block level, ensuring that even the smallest changes within a file are captured and protected.

Using Data Engrams™, NeuShield creates different versions of your files at various points in time. This feature leverages Mirror Shielding™, so you can access copies of modified data like a file revision history.

This granular approach not only minimizes the risk of data loss but also enables quick and efficient restoration of files to any previous point in time, offering users flexibility and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Defence Against Data Loss

In the era of increasing cybersecurity risks, NeuShield’s data protection solution stands out as an innovative and robust defence against data loss and cyber threats. With its patented technology, NeuShield takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, ensuring organizations can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and safeguard their valuable data.

With NeuShield, businesses and individuals are assured that their data is continuously protected and can be swiftly recovered in the face of any data loss event. As technology continues to evolve, NeuShield remains at the forefront of data protection innovations, empowering organisations to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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