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About Us

GA Systems has helped protect corporate networks and sensitive data since 1998. We use a combination of layered security technologies and transformation capabilities to secure your critical digital assets, building active defence.

ProtectCyber works with you to help protect your business with an advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services infused with AI. Our modern approach to security strategy uses zero trust principles to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty. By aligning your security strategy to your business; integrating solutions designed to protect your digital users, assets and data; and deploying technology to manage your defences against growing threats, we help you manage and govern risk to support today’s hybrid cloud environments.

ProtectCyber delivers comprehensive solutions to prevent, detect and mitigate potential cyber-attacks to organisations from enterprise, government and critical infrastructure clients. Our extensive expertise in security advisory (GRC) and consulting, technical assurance and testing, cloud services, 24×7 managed services and monitoring, incident response and forensics and converged/physical security.

Gordon Anthony, CEO

Gordon has over 40 years of IT industry experience driving sales and delivery transformation and impressive business growth across IT and cybersecurity organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Previous roles include executive, senior management, and operational positions at Digital, Prime, Amdahl, ASK Computer (later ASK/Ingres). An innovator, credited with the introduction of numerous transformative technologies into the Australian market including iAsset, Peribit, Altiris, BEA Tuxedo among others.

In his role as both a shareholder and CEO parent company, Global Asset Systems, Gordon was able to understand the challenges that come with running a business securely. Gordon has extensive experience in presenting and training boards and executives on cybersecurity challenges and how to be prepared and resilient today and into the future.

Prior to commencing his Australian corporate career with degrees in Mathematics, Gordon was part of the Concorde project team with British Aerospace.


Wendy Anthony, Director Operations and Service Delivery

Wendy has been with parent company, Global Asset Systems, for over 20 years, building up both the cybersecurity service and technology arms of the business & is now overseeing the operational divisions of ProtectCyber. Wendy was formerly the Director of Sales & Marketing overseeing the national team from the Sydney office. During her career, Wendy has engaged with hundreds of clients, and understands the unique challenges posed to organisations in Australia by cybersecurity threat actors.

Driving the operational teams across Australia, Canada, India and the Philippines delivering a comprehensive range of services on a 24×7 service model to fulfil the cyber resiliency required by the company’s customers.


Multiple consumption models

On premise cloud based, hybrid, fully managed service or As-a-Service. We offer high-end network and security consulting, architecture, engineering and implementation for enterprise-level operations. As an independent IT integrator and provider, we analyse your current environment and provide security architectures and transformation strategies that are tailored to your specific needs.

We work with the technologies from the leaders in global information security that allow our customers to build an active defence posture, ensuring cybersecurity as a digital enabler.

Our Values

Customer First We believe your long-term success is vital to our long-term success. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand and provide sustainable value to your business to ensure both immediate and ongoing success.


We are opposed to the status quo — and we’re obsessed with innovating our way forward. That is what leads us to constantly innovate building delivery models focussed on technologies to transform into a complete security analytics and operations to help your organisation detect and respond to advanced threats.


We believe that no single organisation can do it all. We collaborate with our customers and partners to develop the best in breed solution to combat advanced threats.


We see things as they are. We believe the best way to build a better security threat response is to harness the power of machine learning. All to deliver unlimited scale, resilience, and cost-effectiveness as well as the power to predict, detect, and respond to advanced threats.